Friday, August 12, 2016

The 3rd Annual Isaac Dripps Vintage Motorcycle Show

Please join us, Saturday, October 1st, 2016; for the Third Annual Isaac Dripps Vintage Motorcycle Show. Presented in conjunction with the Downtown Bordentown Association's 27th annual Cranberry Festival; one of the state's largest juried craft shows, attracting 10's of thousands of visitors over the course of the weekend.

Rain date: October 2nd

The Isaac Dripps Vintage Motorcycle show is open to all 1991 and older motorcycles.

Participant registration will take place in front of Bonaparte Antiques, 375 Farnsworth Ave.

Judges will be awarding trophies in the following categories:
"There Will Always Be An England", Best Brit Bike
"The Sophia Loren Sexy Italian Award", Best Italian Bike
"The Erwin "Cannonball" Baker Trophy", Best American Bike
"Das Vaterland Ehrt Ihr Motorrad", Best German Bike
"The Honjo Masamune", Best Japanese Bike
"The Isaac Dripps Award For Engineering Excellence", Best Custom Bike
"The Gloria Gaynor, I will survive / Rust Never Sleeps Award", Most Elegant Patina
"2nd place is the 1st loser", Best Competition Machine
"The Democracy in Action "People's Choice" Award"

Awards ceremony will take place at 3:00PM.

As Farnsworth Ave. will be CLOSED for the duration of the festival, we ask that:
1) Participants make their best effort to arrive by 10:00AM so that bikes can be placed before Farnsworth Ave. is closed to vehicular traffic. However late comers will not be turned away, and will be accommodated.

2) The Downtown Bordentown Asscociation, the show's main sponsor is a non-profit 501c6, who's mission is to: "Promote Bordentown City as a great place to live, work , dine, shop and have fun—all within a peaceful, historic setting". To that end, so as to defray the costs of the show and to help the D.B.A. in its mission, each entrant is asked to make a suggested donation of $10.00 to the D.B.A. at registration.

3) In a change from previous years; participants will NOT be required to remain in place till the festival's end at 5PM, as there will be egress via a side street while Farnsworth Ave. is closed. However trophies will only be awarded to motorcycles still present at the award ceremony.

For show participants trailering or otherwise transporting their bikes to the show, there will be parking for your transport vehicle in close proximity to the show, with the caveat that they would need to arrive BEFORE 10AM, and remain in place until the Festival's conclusion as the streets are closed to vehicular traffic.

The gunning of engines, or the making of unnecessary or excessive racket will NOT be tolerated, and the show participant will be told to knock it off IMMEDIATELY.

Have something interesting to sell, or a motorcycle related product or service? Vendor spaces are available. Please inquire!

To enter your pre-1992 bike and for further info, please RSVP to, or 609-638-1726

We hope to see you there!